Omar Abdulhadi

Omar Abdulhadi is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of He is an ambitious talent development manager with broad-ranging HR advisory skills, including assembling a talented and productive workforce, retaining and developing exceptional employees. He boasts extensive knowledge in working practices, recruitment, pay, conditions of employment and diversity issues. Omar is further experienced in providing timely and up-to-date HR advice to both managers and employees whilst making sure the interests of both the employee and employer are best represented.

Tamer Abu Rub

Tamer Abu Rub is the Co-Founder of and is also the Vice President of BRP Group based in Saudi Arabia. He has a track record for successful intermediary work in international business deals from Oil and Gas to Sports Management.

Success Story

UBER nuvista

"Started working with TalenTailor right after their launch. In addition to their high level of cooperation, follow up, and speed of delivery, they have also provided their advice on recruitment and managing the relationship with the candidates that made the experience personal and valuable. We already contracted with them again for our next hire."

Hamdi Tabaa
Jordan Head of Operations. Uber