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Studio Al Jumhour

  • Full Time

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About Studio Al Jumhour
Studio Al Jumhour (SAJ) is a digital network that produces high-quality, on demand sports content in the Arabic language.

Our content and original programming is an immersive experience into the sports we love. We cover topics that range from the players and the teams to the history and the culture, all of which are told from the perspective of the fans.

Because sports are much more than games, stats and standings. Sports are our lifestyle.

Job Description

We are looking for a talented Video Editor that is passionate about sports, to work with us in developing high quality, visually appealing, sports shows (for YouTube). The position is permanent and full-time and the Editor is expected to work within set deadlines to deliver each video project
in a timely and professional manner.

The Editor’s role will primarily consist of taking podcast recordings (video & audio) from the podcast creators and to produce a professional looking video edit of the show. A sample of the quality and style of the output required can be found here.

The Editor must be able read and write in both English and Arabic.

It is highly preferable that the editor has a solid knowledge base of the sports being covered during the podcasts, Football (soccer) & NBA basketball primarily. Surface knowledge of other sports such as MMA, NFL, Formula 1 is preferrable.


• Take video/audio recordings and production notes from Podcast Producers and make high quality, visually appealing, and professional looking video edits
• Edit videos in accordance with SAJ brand guidelines

SAJ Digital Network • Dubai, UAE • www.StudioAlJumhour.com • Marhaba@StudioAlJumhour.com

• Input/use music, dialogue, graphics, effects and transitions
• Develop clips for YouTube and other social media channels (Instagram/Twitter/TikTok)
• Research/download relevant video clips/pictures related to topics discussed on the show
and insert them into the edit where applicable (and as per instructions from show Producers)
• Understand basic YouTube copyright fair use guidelines
• Be accurate with level effort required and stick to deadlines
• Work remotely


• Proficient in Adobe Premier
• Basic After Effects skills and integration with Adobe Premier
• Basic Photoshop skills
• High speed internet connection
• Able to work an overnight schedule as needed
• Creative and willing to take initiative
• Problem solver (come to us with solution to the problem instead of the problem)
• Read and write Arabic

No previous employment experience necessary, just show us your skills and passion.

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