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  • Full Time

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We are looking for a Full stack developer interested in building performant mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms using Xamarin.

You will be responsible for architecting and building Mobile Application, as well as its backend.

Building a product is a highly collaborative effort, and as such, a strong team player with a commitment to perfection is required.


Job Specifications:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Information Technology or a related field.
Experience: Minimum:
i.      3-6 Years .Net development using C# language.

ii.      3-6 Years Experience in WCF / Web APIs.

iii.      Familiar in IIS, Windows servers configuration.

iv.      Familiar in Redundancy and Hosting maintenance Operations.

v.      Familiar in Network setup, and design architecture.

vi.      Familiar in UNIX, Linux use for administration and shell scripting.

vii.      Good knowledge in database like MySQL, SQL, Oracle

Certifications: Preferred: MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) or similar certification.

Core Competencies:
i.      Commitment to Excellence: Utilizes available resources efficiently to achieve goals within set time periods and budgets, sets and maintains high performance standards focusing on quality of delivered work and continuously seeks to avoid deviations.

ii.      Customer Centricity: Ensures clear understanding of customers’ requests and needs, takes responsibility for correcting problems and following up on requests and complaints.

iii.      Innovation: Uses unconventional/ new sources of inspiration and insight into generating new ideas and solutions that can add value to outcomes and is not limited by perceived boundaries.


Functional Competencies:
iv.      Analytical Thinking: Gathers information from different sources, breaking them down into discrete, smaller and easy-to understand sequences and parts outlining critical relationships.

v.      Collaboration & Inclusion: Supports others in times of hardship and accomplishments, ensuring effective utilization of own and other skills, experience and attributes.

vi.      Data Analysis: Demonstrates the ability to analyze specific data using a systematic approach and present results through appropriate representation such as graphic forms, tables, …etc.

vii.      Documenting & Reporting: Applies basic techniques in documenting, recording and reporting information, using correct terms and proper representation of information within own scope of work, as well as updating internal databases to ensure easy and timely retrieval of information for future reference.

viii.      Follow up & Coordination: Interacts with concerned parties to notify them about changes in the sequence of activities, plans and progress status.

ix.      Information Security Management: Possesses comprehensive understanding of information security policies, is aware of disclosure risks, and capable of performing data recovery tasks in emergencies.

x.      Initiative: Does more than what is usually required by a situation without being directed or monitored.

xi.      Research & Data Gathering: Possesses the ability to utilize research tools within relevant and commonly known information sources to collect and organize information.



Activities, Duties & Responsibilities

Technical & Executive:
I.      Analyzing business requirements and subsequently contributing to developing them into API solutions and applications, as well as testing and integrating them to current systems and contributing to the optimization of implemented systems and tools.

II.      Leverage native APIs for deep integrations with both Mobile platforms.

III.      Insure security of APIs and Front end.

IV.      Coding, implementing and maintaining Relational Database Management (RDBM) systems within the company, as well as troubleshooting problems that may arise and recommending on suitable corrective and preventive action in that regard.

V.      Testing systems and effectively troubleshooting and debugging complications in an accurate and timely manner as well as maintaining the archiving and documentation processes and creating SQL reporting service reports.

VI.      Diagnose and fix bugs and performance issues.

VII.      R&D responsibilities, to insure utilizing cutting edge technologies.

VIII.      Maintain code and write automated tests to ensure the product is of the highest quality.

IX.      Maintain backend environment.


i.      Identifying and communicating liabilities to responsible parties and ensuring that only authorized parties’ access and/ or modify systems, applications, and information.

ii.      Assessing organizational security threats and their impact and taking actions to eliminate/ reduce risk areas.

iii.      Setting security controls according to the confidentiality and sensitivity levels and report security breaches.




Experience in Object oriented programing.
Excellent work experience in the following technologies:
Experience with automated testing suites.
Ability to write well-documented, clean code.
Working with Apple’s ITunes and Android’s Play stores, and App management.

Job Overview

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