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قصص نجاح رغم الاعاقة

قصة نجاح ايمي بوردي ايمي بوردي من الاعاقة الى بطلة العالم، فتلك الفتاة التي أصيبت وهي لم تتجاوز الـ 19 عام بالتهاب جرثومي في السحايا، فقدت على اثره ساقيها الأثنين وأيضاً حاسة السمع في الأذن اليسرى، ولكن بفضل ثقتها ويقينها بقدرتها على كسر حواجز المستحيل لأن تكون بطلة العالم في […]

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قصص نجاح العظماء

قصة نجاح أمانسيو أورتيجا نشأ أورتيجا في أسرة فقيرة أجبرته ظروفه الصعبه على ترك تعليمه في سن الرابعة عشر للإتجاه للعمل في المنطقة الصناعية بأسبانيا، كوسيلة منه لتخفيف العبء المادي عن اسرته. وتعتبر حياته المهنية واحده من أهم قصص النجاح الملهمة، حيث بدأ طريق نجاحه بخطوة العمل في متجر ملابس، […]

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قصص نجاح بعد فشل

قصة نجاح اندريا بوتشيلي الذي ولد في ايطاليا، ومنذ سنواته الأولى قد عانى من مشاكل كبيرة في البصر، وذات يوم أثناء ممارستة للعبة كرة القدم سقط وتعرض للاصابة التي افقدته بصره. ورغم اصابته تلك الا ان شغفه بالغناء والموسيقى لم يتوقف، حتى رغم انه لم يكن لديه المال الكافي لمواصلة […]

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5 Daily Habits for on-the-Job Happiness

People ask me all the time how they can be happier, expecting to hear about a magic pill or an ancient secret that will boost their mood. The truth is, the secret to happiness takes work. Psychologist and author Barbara Fredrickson says we need a three-to-one ratio of positive to negative […]

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8 Employee Recruitment Strategies to Improve Your Hiring Process

The hiring process is an integral part of running any business. Whether you are a small business owner, an HR manager, or the CEO of a large company, you will have to recruit at some point in your career. Hiring can be tough on its own and according to CareerBuilder, […]

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13 tricks Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and other famous executives have used to run effective meetings

Americans sit through some 11 million meetings every day, with the unproductive ones costing companies an estimated $37 billion a year. We know that meetings tend to fall apart thanks to sloppy agendas and unclear ground rules, but what makes them successful? We researched how some of the most effective […]

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9 expert tips to hold meetings that don’t waste people’s time

There’s no easier way to get your coworkers to hate you than inviting them to a completely pointless, meandering meeting. The kind of meeting that could have been replaced by a quick email update, and that takes people away from serious work that’s really moving the company forward. That’s not […]

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A professor who’s spent years studying effective management says some of the best meetings involve almost no talking

Meetings get a bad rap. At best, they often feel pointless; at worst, they’re soul-sucking. A book, “ The Surprising Science of Meetings,” aims to revamp meetings’ reputation, with strategies for maximizing their efficiency and eliminating the pain that comes with them. The author is Steven G. Rogelberg, a professor […]

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Bill Gates didn’t believe in vacations in the early days of Microsoft — and he credits his wife Melinda for the outlook he has now

There was a time when Bill Gates “didn’t believe in vacation.” In a recent conversation with Eventbrite CEO Julia Hartz, Gates revealed that during Microsoft’s early days, he rarely took time off— even on the weekends. However, Gates’ view has evolved, and he now recognizes the importance of rest and […]

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11 time-management mistakes that highly successful people make, and how to fix them

Do you feel like you’re working all the time but not producing the results you desire? You’re not alone. It’s a problem that a lot of talented entrepreneurs must overcome. Unfortunately, some people, as a last-ditch effort, embrace time-management techniquesthat only add to the time-mismanagement struggle. Avoid these 11 common […]

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