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What is HR’s Role in Managing Change?

Dr. Debra Cohen has more than 25 years of HR management and leadership positions in the profit and nonprofit sectors as well as public and private universities. She is a consultant and speaker, a member of the Executive Advisory Council at Workcred, and a member of the Business Practices Council […]

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Need To Attract Top Talent? Try These 12 Smart Hiring Strategies

The current job market swings heavily in favor of candidates. Top-tier professionals know how in-demand they are, and if you don’t market yourself properly as an employer, you might lose your dream employee to a competitor. The secret to attracting high-quality applicants is differentiating yourself from other industry players, and […]

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Skills, jobs and salary trends in 2019

There are few things we can rely upon in these uncertain times, but one thing that remains a constant is the high demand for accountancy and finance professionals worldwide Unshaken by the onset of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, Brexit, political changes, more regulations and trade wars, such forces – if […]

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Tips for how hiring managers should act in interviews

There is so much written for the job candidate about how to behave in an interview. What you don’t see very often are tips for how the hiring manager should act during an interview. Ironically, many of the same principles apply. The person doing the interview should behave and be […]

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15 Tips for Improving Your Skills Interviewing Job Candidates

There have been a tremendous number of articles written for job seekers about how to do well in an interview — appropriate dress, conducting background research on the company, questions to ask the interviewer, etc. — but an interview is a two-way conversation. A skilled interviewer who makes the candidate comfortable will […]

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